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Default Re: Why Guillermo Rigondeaux beats Nonito Donaire

Originally Posted by JMP View Post
Very convincing argument, bball...a lot of points I agree with. Stylistically, I think the fight favors Rigondeaux. Donaire didn't look too impressive against Vazquez, Narvaez, and Mathebula when forced to press the action and take the initiative. I've been saying Donaire wins recently, but that's mainly because of the whole power/shaky chin thing. Stylistically, I think the cards are in Rigondeaux's favor and I wouldn't be at all surprised if it played out as you think it would.
thanks dog. And I'm still worried about Rigo's jaw and that could be all this fight comes down to. Like I mentioned b4 though, Donaire can knock almost anybody out with one shot, and with Rigo's defense and focus, I think he can survive. Who knows though.

Originally Posted by CASH_718 View Post
I love people acting like that was some great ****ysis. Go find divac's Ward thread that is a great ****ysis. This was a dl Pacquiao hate thread.

Comparing Donaire to Pacquiao? And Rigo go JMM? AHAHAHAHAHAHA
in what way am I making this a diss Pac thread? I used one gif of him because it was the best gif I could find. I was initially looking for a gif of Sergio beating Macklin's left hook with his own straight left, but couldn't find one.

here is this better for you senesitveass mofos

I try my best not to let my threads turn into some Mayweather/Pacquiao bull**** when they're not the subject.
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