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Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
Sounds like you've watched a lot of Hominick fights.

Also, he was no where near as gassed as Aldo. That's absurd.

You are the first person to ever say a single negative thing about Hominick in terms of cardio. It's probably the only area where he is free from criticism.

Hominick is quite possibly the most technical stand up guy at 145. The problem with him is that He is too damn patient at times hence for the low output.

Hominicks cardio is good but He is not close to Edgar and I love Hominick (watched him for years). Edgars movement alone will tire 90% of MMA fighters.

Edgar>Bendo>Hominick>Aldo cardio wise. That is my point. I could care less who wins.

I want a good fight and I am merely stating that based on the Hominick fight and what I saw of Aldo against Mark, I'm picking Edgar. His chances improves if He doesnt get bulldozed in the first minutes.

Hominicks stand up troubled Aldo abit and Edgars boxing is just as good, more movement and speed, endless cardio and wrestling.
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