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Default Re: Well Done Amir Khan

Originally Posted by nulty
Firstly why do feel the need to highlight text all the time? Secondly no I'm not Jesus Christ, I'm a man who has followed boxing since I was a kid, has stepped into the ring as an amateur and still trains every week, who are to judge Amir the way you did?

If you think it was technical mismatch you know little about this sport. Khans speed gave him an advantage and made him look good but he missed with a lot of shots and Willie caused him a lot of problems.

This is a forum everyone can express an opinion and I have one that a lot people agree with. Go back to your sports science textbooks and see if you can find a way to help Amir grow muscles on his chin.
I will do what i want, when i want, welldone its good that allot of people agree with your opinion.

Amir Khan was one of the bad men of boxing last night, technically it was a mis-match. Limond did not have the hand speed, to hit Amir Khan enough. Limond did not have the footwork, to pin him down. He used a counter puncher style, and attempted to hit Amir Khan with single hard power punches. He did have some success, which was evident, no question. But there was not enough of it. And the reason was, because of Amir Khan. Too big, too fast, to skillfull. Limond only had a punchers chance, he was'nt dominating Amir Khan, in any area of the boxing match, forget the fight. I am talking about technical boxing, Amir Khan dominated him. Look at Limond's face, his Jaw was broken, his nose was broken, the man got beat up. All i know is that both fighters where asked serious questions in that ring, Amir Khan was the only fighter that came through all them.

Well done Amir Khan
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