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Default Re: Matthysse/Dallas - anyone up?

Originally Posted by rainmaker View Post
Ah but what if what is inside that bottle is NOT Amino acids? Well Keizer saying he will be tested after the fight. We'll see! I mean, strange, taking Aminos before a fight, will not give you any advantage, they assist in a workout to help build muscle, as Aminos are the building blocks of protein. Seems silly to be taking them before a fight.

Unless of course the bottle is disguising something else?
If that's what they do then it does seem strange taking them now. If he hasn't took all of what was in the bottle the commission should confiscate and get it tested just to be sure.

This Booth move is not working for Aydin. The Dark Lord is showing himself to be rather one-dimensional here. Why would attempt to make a guy like Aydin box off the backfoot.
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