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Default Re: Mundine: I'm the bad fella coming for him...I'm the only one that's hurt him bad

Mundine got the nod on the score cards. In the first bout but let's try not make out their first fight was a complete war ... The bout was a fun fast paced encounter but **** me
I think both blokes wear lucky to even have a bruised eye after the 12 rounds..

Mundines use of "put the hurt " is obviously in a different field then I ..

I as a fight fan am actually extremely embarrassed that as a country mundine is probably considered our best and most. Well known boxer..

I wont ever call mundine a FIGHTER. He's a boxer ..

Unfortunately we will won't be seeing mundine in any WARS as people like geale (though a exceptional boxer) doesn't have the starch to really PUT THE HURT on mundine .,

I will watch this bout and hope that geale wins as he is a quiet achiever who does his talking the way u are suppose to when a professional athlete.. COME GAME DAY

I'm heading back to the mma forum. The oz forum should be blown up and never spoken of it ever again .it used to be a awesome forum filled with some awesome
Fellas and some real decent fight talk. Now it's totally focused on utter bull**** threads most regarding mundine ... Extremely boring and over done topic ..

Goodbye Dog rooters
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