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Default Re: Matthysse/Dallas - anyone up?

Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
That's a good point TFFP, but Maidana was a smaller individual and since everyone talks about Aydin as a hard puncher, you'd assume the comparison between Maidana and Aydin could be made, and Maidana was able to get in and do what he wanted, so I think it's more to do with what Booth has gotten Aydin to do.
Maybe we as a collective overrated Aydin's power. It's clearly decent as he staggered Guerrero but maybe not that spectacular.

Maidana is a lot more consistent than Aydin is. This is Aydin's game, swinging big knockout punches but not much in combination. Maidana will set you up and break you down, Aydin swings, misses and resets. The Darchinyan comparison is not bad, like an old Darchinyan.

Also you gotta look at the fact that against a guy like Soto-K who is a natural pressure fighter Aydin is easy to occupy. He can't counterpunch, he has to move or block, he has no intuitive sense of how to counterpunch and that's been a big problem.
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