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Default Re: Matthysse/Dallas - anyone up?

Not sure anybody can do a lot with Aydin. He's probably come through in Turkey in sparring beating up outmatched people, just using raw power to bully people. Not somebody that's really learned boxing, if you know what I mean. He can't spell jab or counterpunch. His balance is dreadful, falling all over the place. Y'know, just the basics of boxing. I don't even think he can fight up close, he's a mid range gunslinger, exclusively. So at 30 or w/e he is...its a big ask to do anything with a guy like that that's so 1D with too many holes to plug.

He was reasonably impressive against Robert who is very patient and gives you a chance to swing. But you get the feeling there are too many guys out there that can exploit his deficiencies in too many ways.
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