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Default Re: Why Are The US Heavweights So Poor Now?

Originally Posted by bald_head_slick View Post
Now all you need is for soccer to be a full contact sport.

Nice attempt at being clever, but you look like an ass. The fact is that HW Boxing's decline correlates directly with the rise of cable television and huge NFL contracts. The US is quite capable of competing in all weight classes below which viable athletes are found for our core sports.
What does being a full contact sport have to do with anything? We're talking about grass roots level here, not crossovers. Wake up and get with the program. Soccer drains potential athletes from boxing same as every other popular big money sport, only it drains them from all weight classes. What was Sergio Martinez's background? Cycling and soccer. Why did David Price become a boxer? Because he couldn't hack it in soccer. What is Hatton's first love and passion? Soccer.

Stop being an ass yourself and thinking your country's unique in this regard.
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