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Default Re: Salvador Sanchez (01/26/59 - 08/12/82)

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
Beautiful thread mate.
I'm using phone right now but I'll PM you tonight and sorry I couldn't get back on that rumour about the 52yo the other day but never had laptop so PM's are murder to do on phone.
I've never doubted that Chava would've been your greatest compatriot had he not been taken from us.
Some guy from Maryland who was allegedly an OK fighter( probably an overrated bum) said of Chava:"Amazing.So gifted, so skilled.Probably my #3,4 or 5 if I was forced" and I also heard him say in an interview that Chava had all the fundamentals down to a tee and was like a perfect boxer.
Then again,what would he know?
PM's?! I did that entire post on my HTC. I'll check it out tomorrow though P, I know its daylight over where you're at but here it isnt, and I've been drinking heavily tonight.
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