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Default Re: What if the Soviets had always been allowed to fight in the pro ranks?

Originally Posted by BadDog View Post
the link to where your saying that HW boxers are old at 30 is your TKO 6 thread.
And in this thread your trying to prove that in 89 USSR had pro boxing promotional companies and fighters could come to US when they wished?
That ridiculous, pro-boxing was highly illegal there. Pro boxing became legal in 1993 in Russia and later in some other republics. Fighters like Zolkin could come to US only under certain circumstances or when they defected.
Now show me the link that pro boxing was legal in USSR and they had rpo boxing promotional companies there to prove your point. The first one was probably created in 2000 something.
Show where I ever said boxers were old at 30. As usual you won't because you can't. Its a fact, and I provided links, that people start to physically decline in there early 30's and that is the reason the average pro athlete is retired by 33, another fact I provided links for.

Son you're an imbecile. You said if eastern Europeans could have competed back than they would have dominated. I proved otherwise and you can't accept the reality of it. You will never out debate me because you no **** about this sport and you can't back up your lame points. And whether boxing was legal or illegal in the USSR at that time is irrelevant to this discussion. I've proved my point, you're just trying to twist the parameters like you always do when you can't counter the facts.

Lol, still my *****!!
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