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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Open Hand/Stiff Arm Technique:


Open handed techniques are something I consider a bit of a lost art, you don’t see many fighters using it these days. It’s incredibly effective at gauging distance, re-establishing distance, stopping the opponent in his tracks and adding another phase to an opponent’s attack before he can hit you.

The latter is one of the keys to how Wlad outclassed Haye (although footwork played a huge role too). When you use the extended arm the way Wlad does, not only do you need to close the distance with your feet and then let the shots go, but you need to close the distance whilst avoiding the extended arm and THEN let your shots go. Against somebody with such great footwork, this is one huge task, which is made even more difficult when you realise that if you get past the extended glove, he’s in a great position to grab you behind the head anyway. Two examples from the Wlad-Haye fight below at 1:40 & 2:55. Then skip to 8:40 and you will see how it makes it much easier to grab an opponent behind the head also.

Anybody that watched Mikey Garcia the other week should have noticed him using this technique, here is Andre Ward talking about the fight where he mentions it briefly:

I can't find the fight on YouTube, but anybody who has it available can see Garcia using the technique throughout the fight when Salido was trying to close the distance (Also used a fantastic left hook). It worked very well in helping Garcia control the distance and dictate the terms of engagement.

Here is an example of Ward using it v Froch, 2:25:

You can also see him use it as a means of setting up his own attack at 2:55. It's a great way to gauge distance for an attack, just watch how Mayweather uses it here at 23:08 also:

One of the signs of improvement from Khan in his last fight was the use of these techniques, here's an example of him training them:

I didn't take a load of time on this, but I hope people can take something from it, which is why I contribute anything to this thread in the first place

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