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Default Re: Rampage Jackson says UFC media exaggerate their PPV buys

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings View Post
This is a boxing forum...Why surprised?
Because it's a forum full of adults and you would expect people to just be mature and normal about stuff not go on like some gay little ****ing boxing fanboys

MMA exists, so ****ing what? It's been proven now that it isn't a threat to the existence of boxing so why do boxing fans still feel threatened? doesn't make sense.

The UFC could put on the most stacked card in the history of combat sports and Floyd would still outsell them if he filmed himself doing his grocery shopping or whatever, there is no threat.

So therefore no need for you or anyone else to act like a ***goty little ****ing boxing fanboy because your worries about your sport.

Top boxers make ****loads of money, Top MMA fighters make **** loads of money.

Oh, and regards to Rampage, have a youtube look at his episode of cribs, That guy got ****ing PAID for sure
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