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Default Re: Most deluded boxer?

Originally Posted by Primadonna Kool View Post
Most deluded..?

The boxers who don't train with the work ethic and discipline, of their days in the amateur ranks.

And they still think they are going to fulfil their abilities and ambitions.

I have always stated this: When you involve yourself in amateur boxing, most boxers are more disciplined and have a better work ethic during this part of there career. I can remember being intimidated and slightly afraid of missing training sessions, and i was not even fighting at the time.

As a amateur boxer its all year round, consistent training.

Boxing is probably the only sport that gets more re****ed, when you turn professional. Its probably the only sport that is actually more unprofessional at professional level, than amateur level.

Audley Harrison is a boxer who has always dedicated to training to a certain degree, but was he honestly training like he did back in the amateurs..? It hit home to him how unprofessional boxing is, when he was standing next to Dwain Chambers during the 2012 Olympics. And by his own admittance..? He did not feel like a dedicated athlete. And Audley Harrison is one of the more dedicated fighters, when you compare him to re****ed ****witts like Derek Chisora or even Danny Williams.

About 90% of boxers in this country in my opinion, lead unprofessional lifestyles. And have the inability to live and train like athletes all year round.

Its as if it is in their genetic make up to be re****s.

Their ether not training or overstraining.
Very good post and something I've said many times.
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