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Default Re: Most deluded boxer?

Originally Posted by Boxalot View Post
I don't blame fighters for being extremely confident, even deluded.

Even if i was good enough to have a record of, say, 14-27-3 i'd more than likely think i was the dogs *******s. It's that level of confidence and blind self belief that helps these guys reach the level that they do.
Good post. Anyone who has ambitions of greatness in life can relate to these guys somewhat. When you are trying to achieve something difficult, it's only natural for people to doubt you or tell you that you are wasting your time. They are only being realistic. The odds are against you, and only a very small percentage can reach the top. So these people that are saying you are better off doing something else are only being realistic. They are looking at the statistics and saying "only 0.001% of people can do it" or whatever the figure may be. What they can't measure is human desire. It does take a certain amount of delusion to make it to the top, so I can understand why these guys believe in their goals, because no one else is going to do it for them. If they were also realistic, they wouldn't get anywhere. Some of the goals they have are very unrealistic (for example, Khan ever challenging Mayweather or becoming p4p number 1) but like I said, you can't measure desire, and sometimes although these guys fail to reach their goal, they still come far.

Audley Harrison is a perfect example. Look at the ridicule he gets. "The biggest joke in British boxing". "The biggest clown in the heavyweight division. A joker". Is he deluded? Yeah he is, but look where it's gotten him. Multi-millionaire living the good life with his family, Olympic gold medalist and European Champ. Being called a clown by people who work in a ****ty job, are generally miserable and will never even have ambitions of achieving greatness, never mind actually doing it. Clown people who are clowns in every area of their life (financially, socially, physically, intellectually, mentally) are trying to clown successful people (not that I have a problem with making fun of fighters, because I do it myself. We all have fighters we love and fighters we dislike, but I have never considered people like Audley jokers or a clowns of life). You can dislike these fighters, but you have to understand that they are winners.

Originally Posted by garymcfall View Post
Audley Harrison is the worst I think

Toney in the last few years although I don't know if he just says things to try and get fights because he needs money, I'm not sure if he actually genuinely believes he can beat a Klitschko but he wants the payday.
Yeah Toney did come to mind, but like you I'm not sure if people like Toney and Holyfield believe what they say or if they are just looking for paydays. Steve Collins? For thinking RJJ was scared of him? That's pretty deluded.
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