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Default Re: luke campbell to matchroom

Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
...with this PPV, he's doing all the things people criticise Frank for.
Which is what, exactly?

People criticise Frank because he puts on poor shows for the fans, often with one decent fight and then an undercard of mismatches, such as the Gavin card. He's also criticised for putting on horrible main events, such as Burns/Laryea or Burns/Evensen. Fans rightly criticise him for things like not paying fighters too.

So I'm not sure how this PPV is remotely similar to the reasons Frank gets criticism.

You have an issue with this fight being on PPV because you don't personally see it as worthy of it. That's fair enough, people will always have different opinions on whether a fight is worth it or not. However, the promoter is the one who takes the risk by putting it on PPV. If people agree with you and it's a flop, it'll bite Eddie on the ****. If he's right and it's a success, he'll make money off it. Neither of those things are problematic for the fans. We aren't being tied into a contract or anything like that, we're being offered the choice of whether we want to see the fight or not. If we do, pay the 15 and if not, don't pay it. Simple. It's not like we're being ripped off or conned.

When Eddie starts refusing to pay fighters, ties fans down to a long contract, offers awful undercards and mismatches in the main event, they'll be comparable. Until then, they're not.
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