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Default Re: "About 90% of boxers in this country in my opinion, lead unprofessional lifestyle

Khan, Williams, Hatton, Darchinyan and other who make the same 'mistakes' have all been incredibly successful fighters. All of them, bar Khan I think, were in the top 10 fighters in the world at one point, so whilst I agree with some of the things you've said, I think their success proves that you don't always need to do things by the book. Maybe they could have been better if they'd done things differently but I don't think it's a complete certainty.

Is it wrong that Hatton bloated up in between fights? Yeah, it is, but even though that lifestyle was unhealthy, he'd have been an inferior fighter if he had never allowed that to happen. That was his lifestyle and something he loved doing, which is where all his enthusiasm and effort came from. Force him to stay in good condition all year round, keep him away from pubs and stuff, and he wouldn't have mentally been the same person, so he wouldn't physically have been the same fighter. You've got to enjoy yourself to be successful in anything you do. Training all year might work for someone like Hopkins but I don't think it's how everyone should be.

Just on Khan. The tactics he used in his training camps are the same that Pacquiao, the best fighter in the modern era, has also used. It's something devised by Ariza, who is a top conditioning coach in world sport, never mind just boxing. His opinion on conditioning is worth far, far more than Hunter's is.
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