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Default Re: Joe Frazier Vs. Evander Holyfield..Prime for Prime?

It's startling how many people are writing Frazier off in this.

And no Southpaw, Joe's only hope isn't landing a big left hook. For such a Frazier fan, I'd hope you think more of Frazier than just a left hook... To beat Holy, he'd need to land dozens of them and he would.

Holyfield would choose to slug with Frazier when it would be wiser and easier for him to box. As ETM said, I can also see Frazier going down early and getting up to find his rhythm.

Witnessing the exchanges would be worth the price of any seat or PPV, and either guy could win this.

The thing is that Frazier is better at his game than Holyfield is at his, meaning that while Evander is more versatile, he doesn't always fight the smartest or with a style that suits his best interest for ease of victory. Frazier's consistency is the key here.

I think Frazier's body work and overall pressure does Holyfield in late or wins him a clear decision.
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