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Default Re: Why Are The US Heavweights So Poor Now?

Originally Posted by chitownfightfan View Post
Food stamps. Section 8 housing. Dope game.

Why would a kid risk getting his face pushed in during his teen yrs if he aint hungry to escape his circumstances.
America is a welfare state. Even the poorest of the poor have iphones and flat screens.

The team sports argument comes to mind, but that only solidifies the argument. Poor kids today got it too soft. The solid athletic kids with any hope are groom by HS coaches for football and basketball, sent to Catholic and Prep schools where they're essentially paid to play.

If there was money in amatuer boxing, and promoters started combing the sandlots looking for talent, there might be better american fighters.

The only good american fighters are too small for team sports.
Good one. I have posted similar economic reasons.

The poor-lower middle in the US are much better off/less "hungry" than people in similar circumstances in other countries.

There's not many w/the "eye of the tiger" in the US anymore. The "they're in the NBA/NFL" argument is lame.
1) there were big, athletic men in the NBA/NHL in the so called golden era of US HWs in the 70s. Why wasn't that reason brought up then?
Ans - b/c it was US fighters who were dominating the HW div
2) there are many 1000s of very athletic and big HW US men who will never make it in the NBA/NFL or other pro team sports. Where the hell are they?
Ans - not training to be a fighter
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