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Default Re: Why Are The US Heavweights So Poor Now?

Originally Posted by Decker View Post
Good one. I have posted similar economic reasons.

The poor-lower middle in the US are much better off/less "hungry" than people in similar circumstances in other countries.

There's not many w/the "eye of the tiger" in the US anymore. The "they're in the NBA/NFL" argument is lame.
1) there were big, athletic men in the NBA/NHL in the so called golden era of US HWs in the 70s. Why wasn't that reason brought up then?
Ans - b/c it was US fighters who were dominating the HW div
2) there are many 1000s of very athletic and big HW US men who will never make it in the NBA/NFL or other pro team sports. Where the hell are they?
Ans - not training to be a fighter

How come this **** didn't apply to the lower weight classes
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