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Default Re: Joe Frazier Vs. Evander Holyfield..Prime for Prime?

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
This is a great matchup. One of the best that can be made.

Holy is top class and I reckon if we have the fight under 200 he'd come out on top. But in the hw division with no limits I edge towards Frazier.

Stronger more powerful and that dynamite left hook. It will be close all the way through but at some point Frazier will land his shot and win a big 10-8 round that will see the difference between these two.
Why under 200? Explain your logic.

Holyfield is the bigger man. 6'2 1/2", 77 1/2" reach and his weigh-in weights for HW World title fights ranged from 205 Lbs. (first fight vs. Bowe in 1992) - 221 Lbs. (first fight vs. Ruiz in 2000)... he was 224 1/2 Lbs. vs. Sherman Williams in 2011 for the WBF strap. He was always rock solid.

Frazier was 5'11 1/2", 73" reach, and his weigh-in weights for HW World title fights ranged from 203 Lbs. (vs. Bonavena in 196 - 217 1/2 (vs. Ron Stander in 1972). He was not always rock solid. When he weighed in at 224 1/2 vs. Foreman in 1976 and 229 vs. Cummings in 1981 he was far from solid.

Frazier was a bigger puncher with the left hook only. Stronger? No! Holyfield was one of the strongest Heavyweights ever. Holyfield was more durable as well... which would neutralize some of Frazier's power.

Holyfield had quicker hands, better footwork, better defense, a better jab, and a better chin. He was also stronger but I'll give the nod to Frazier for the more powerful left hook... but Holyfield's hook was very good as well. Holyfield also had very good uppercuts and the better right hand.

Frazier was a great fighter and the above statements would be true when comparing Frazier to many fighters... it doesn't mean that Frazier would lose. I do think Frazier would lose to Holyfield though.

I think it would be a great fight with a lot action. It wouldn't be an easy win no matter which way it went.
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