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Default Re: Dempsey v Langford

"John the Barber always had something up his sleeve. "Alright, just as you say," he said "How about Gunboat Smith?" He was still grinning.

Gunboat Smith could box rings around me and he could hit like a mule's kick. The papers had called him "the white heavyweight champion" before Jess Willard beat Jack Johnson the year before.

I shook my head again. Smith could lick me, I knew. But I wasn't afraid of him, as I was of Langford, I just didn't see any sense in a kid out of his teens fighting a real pro who could disgrace him. I'd take Smith in time, and did, but this wasn't the time to try it. Langford I could never see myself beating."

Jack Dempsey, 'Dempsey by the Man Himself' Simon and Schuster, 1960.
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