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Default Re: Dempsey v Langford

Isn't the internet great ?
You can accuse an official of corruption without providing one shred of proof for your libel,and from the anonymnity ,and safety of your key board .
Any wishing to read up on James Dougherty will find he had a big heart and helped out many down on their luck boxers such as Battling Nelson. I don't think they will find much in the way of dirty washing to uncover.[/QUOTE]

From Moyle's book on Miske...

From Tommy Gibbon...
"You can tell the world that Jim Dougherty won't referee for me again. Every time he broke us, he picked on me, and would set me back so Dempsey would jump in... He didn't say anything about Dempsey's fouls..."

From St. Paul Pioneer Press...
"Referee permitted Dempsey to hit low four or five times during the bout and never even cautioned the champion for his foul tactics. Twice the champion hit Tommy with hard blows after the bell... but not once was he warned... The fans did not approve of Dempsey's tactics or Dougherty's for, and time and again they roared their disapproval."

The following the Dempsey-Gibbons affair, Tommy exhibited his groin (oh yeah) to timekeeper Richard Burke which was covered in black and blue. Burke suggested the press know about it but Gibbons declined to mention it as an alibi. This story was corroborated by Montana oil man Tip O'Neill.
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