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Default Re: Smelling saltes as a PED

I think it's unfair to condemn users of smelling salts, or any other enhancing drug, in hindsight. If it was allowed at the time, I don't think we should look back and criticise their use of it, or suggest they weren't as great because they had help from products which are now banned.

You touch on an interesting point. Guys like Mosley, Holyfield, Toney, Jones etc., are very rarely criticised because of their drug use. In 'ATG vs. ATG' hypothetical arguments, you very rarely see comments about one fighter being a proven cheat and that being part of the reason they were so good, for example. It's almost swept under the rug by fans.

Personally, I think it's unfair to criticise usage of drugs if they were allowed at the time, which includes smelling salts. However, I'm very critical of cheats who knew the rules and broke them anyway
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