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Default Re: "About 90% of boxers in this country in my opinion, lead unprofessional lifestyle

"Sometimes its not even about work ethic, its just about being a re****. I know plenty of boxer who train 7 days aweek but guess what..? They still believe in myths that you cannot eat after 8pm, you must avoid all carbs and fats. And you try and speak sense to them and it just literally goes straight through them. There's allot of boxers over-training that don't understand anything about training and recovery, and what the body needs to repair/recovery and be healthy on a meticulous level".

David Haye/Adam Booth where very smart, what they did is just totally ignore people within boxing and from a very early point in Haye's career had him taking advice from advisor's from other more evolved/educated sports like athletics.

Its ingrained in the sport of boxing to be backwards, i have only witnessed and experienced things at amateur level, but it seems like it is ingrained within its culture. I know one amateur boxer who walks around at about 85kg, while training weekly and just eating normally.

He plans on going back down to 68kg, because he was beaten at 80kg...? Who cares if he was beaten, he is still in his teenage years and developing..? well i doubt he will develop any further if he keeps restricting his body of nutrients.

Who are these people advising these young kids, up and down the country..? its negligence on the highest level.

The best was when Tony Bellew stated that he has been training so hard on a empty stomach, that he was throwing up yellow stuff.

Note: In the amateur ranks work ethic is install more into fighters. In that sense it is more professional than professional boxing, because you have a schedule and obligation to attend training sessions. Eduction is pretty much lacking at this level though, but i can imagine the advisor's, sports scientists, to all be pretty educating and helping if you are lucky enough to make a GB team, and live and train with the squad.........."I am just speculating but i hope it is".

Note: Its a ****ing shame, because Ricky Hatton in my opinion could of won his comeback fight if he had afew months more time preparing his body. Ricky Hatton was damaged goods after years of abusing his body with drink/drugs, the body is designed to repair and regenerating but it will need more than afew months on a crash diet and training like a complete re****! What a shame.

Note: I mean no disrespect to the game and the people within it. I have just been annoyed and frustrated with the ingrained ignorance and lack of common sense and bad advice. But i suppose this happens in all sports, but it seems to happen allot more in boxing! this constant pressure to make weight or force your body to make unnatural weights does long term damage in my opinion and shortens careers, and prematurely ages people.

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