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Default Re: "About 90% of boxers in this country in my opinion, lead unprofessional lifestyle

I'm glad you brought up the weight making thing. You have some fighters who are hardly eating anything because they need to make weight, and yet they are doing this when they need that energy the most because they are in hard training It goes against everything that we are taught about nutrition. Saying that, there is a theory that eating very little during the day actually gives you more energy. It's called the warrior diet

"3. Exercise While Undereating
It has been established that we are inherently carrying survival mechanisms that benefit us when triggered by physical or nutritional stress such as exercise or undereating. Combining exercise with undereating will amplify the beneficial mechanisms of both increasing our ability to utilize energy, improve strength and resist fatigue."

but honestly I'm not sure what to make of it. It might be fine for the average fatty who is trying to lose weight and get lean, but how can having a massive calorie restriction be beneficial for a professional athlete in hard training?

I mean, somebody like Froch is doing it right because he fights at around the same weight he walks around at so doesn't have to boil down. Look at Brandon Rios at lightweight. How a big guy like him managed to boil down to 135, I don't know. It obviously took a lot out of him and he looked like a corpse during weigh ins. If a fighter is carrying a lot of fat then it's different. He has to lose the fat, but beyond this it's unhealthy I think. For a teenager to do this when he still hasn't stopped growing? Shieeeeet.

Padwork is an area where the old **** was better than the new ****. Watch this interview with Manny Steward where he talks about that pitter patter style padwork you see these days and how boxers don't learn to punch through the target because of this. He felt that this is why you don't see many big punchers these days.

note: I still don't know how to embed YT videos and keep getting the white square
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