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Default Re: "About 90% of boxers in this country in my opinion, lead unprofessional lifestyle

Originally Posted by ero-sennin View Post
While this is true, sometimes you get the opposite extreme. I talked about nutrition in that thread where Nipple felt that a professional fighter should not be eating at Nandos.

David Haye is someone who doesn't seem restricted by the old ways. Didn't do long runs, and got up late, as opposed to setting the alarm for 4am like a lot of boxers do. People can point to his conditioning and say it was a mistake for him not to go on long runs but I think his conditioning is a result of genetics, and not the wrong type of training. I think it was Jim Watt who once said that David Haye is just not built for stamina. Even if he trains for it, he's unlikely to be that type of guy. And I'm not saying that modern training methods are superior to the old methods either. I'm just saying that in boxing there is still this stubbornness, and certain exercises and drills are done just because it's always been done that way.
Yeah, in Hayes biography it says that part of his regime was a 10k of 100m sprints, 30 seconds rest between each sprint. Worked for him. I was also told that in the camp for the Wlad fight he was sparring 12 rounds then wrestling 3 rounds right after, while singing along to soul music. I dont know if the music bit is relevant.
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