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Default Re: Have you guys read Championship Fighting by Jack Dempsey?

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
I just read the obrien part about fighting southpaws..good advice..although i dont agree with the idea that being a southpaw is bad....the argument that you cant land your left is foolish..because that argument should hold than for a conventional fighters right against a south paw as well. The main reason i think south paws have had trouble through the years is most trainers just did not know how to train them.
Remember in those days they tried to get left handers to convert for business reasons cos nobody wanted to fight a southpaw if they didnt have to and trainers thinking was I ain't gonna make money with no southpaw. Even the great Benny Leonard had trouble with a southpaw, Lew Tendler.
You are right about landing a left on a southpaw. Just like a conventional fighter is open for a 1-2, so are southpaws vulnerable to a 2-1. Frietas used that tactic to beat Casamayor. I was involved with Juan "BabyBull" Diaz, and he never faced a southpaw and in fact avoided them like the plauge.
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