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Default Re: "About 90% of boxers in this country in my opinion, lead unprofessional lifestyle

Originally Posted by Taylor2010 View Post
6. Amir Khan on 24/7 getting into a war in sparring. Roach was away from the wildcard and Khan was sparring some guy in preparation for Garcia. He was sparring like he was Nigel Benn. Like it was some brutal war he was going to get into. When he was told to box, he said it was boring. Beyond re****ed. Hard to believe a professional would do something like that.

Really good read thanks for posting. I have highlighted the above as it is something that shocked me when I saw it. Looked like he was sparring a MW a couple weeks out from the Garcia fight, and he was getting hit with some big shots. Also, im sure after he left Roach, Khan said that he had never had a coach work on his defense before.
I think the main reason Khan gets drawn into a tear up is just instinct. It's who he is, but there could also be another reason. Maybe taking those big shots in sparring while wearing headgear has given him a false sense of security and made him think his punch resistance is better than it actually is.

Originally Posted by atberry View Post
The issue with training the central nervous system (weights) is that you need to use weights in excess of 85% 1RM to do so - making the risk of injury highly likely, and the last thing a boxer needs is to be injured and not able to hit the pads, bags and spar.
I believe this is a myth. Injuries during lifting occur because people don't respect the weight and use sloppy technique. With good technique, I don't see any reason why someone should get injured lifting above 85% of 1rm. Pavel Tsatsouline addressed this very point in one of his strength training books.
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