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Default Re: "About 90% of boxers in this country in my opinion, lead unprofessional lifestyle

Originally Posted by JukeboxTimebomb View Post
Hayes stamina would have been better if he boxed more imo. I'd have thought that the best way to gain and conserve your stamina in boxing is by boxing. You could do (probably should) all the hill sprints, long runs, weights, whatever else and do them brilliantly and be incredibly fit but unless you can fight for 12 rounds it probably needs cutting back and that time spent boxing.

I remember reading about (or maybe I saw it on Sky Sports News) Ricky Hatton and Micha Richards having a little spar. Richards was exhausted after 2 minutes and Hatton was just laughing, Richards would probably beat Hatton on most fitness tests but boxing is also about functioning under extreme pressure and the best way of coping with that is to get familiar with it and have your whole bodies muscle memory geared towards that task. Being at home in the ring would do wonders for stamina (being a natural or having a very good teacher here probably plays a massive role), I don't think Haye looked relaxed in the ring very often, his decision making could go to ****, his balance would too and he stopped trying to win against Wlad until his token effort in the 12th despite having the talent and power to beat Wlad. That's what getting up at 4 a.m is about according to Teddy Atlas. You make these difficult decisions because when it comes down to making a difficult decision in the fight your prepared for it because you have already been making them every time you get up early to go for a ******* run with nothing to do but think about the fight.

If Haye fought more often instead of having less than half the number of fights that Wlad had he might have been able to put up a more consistent effort and not be limited to the odd predictable big right hand/fall over. Wlads time boxing has been filled with much more lessons than Hayes and it showed in the fight. Wlad was in against a fast allusive knockout puncher and he was fine with that, 6 years earlier and he would have been a mess, exhausted, not knowing what to do and getting knocked out. Just imagine if Brewster could slip a punch like Haye!

James Tony had a great trainer, was a student of the older greats and fought often so he could put his gym lessons into practice and then would have plenty of fight lessons to work on in the gym. He became the poster child of living an unprofessional lifestyle but he was still able to go 12 rounds with much bigger men because he was at home in the ring.
So sparring everyday, and taking shots is the way to go...? David Haye is a old school heavyweight fighting guys 2-3 stone heavier than him on average, his style is more taxing on the body than most other heavyweights, its based on movement and creating gaps, with explosive bursts. David Haye is always in condition and always in "GOOD HEALTH", a large majority of boxers are in bad health in my opinion.

Note: Remember when i said its ingrained in boxing for people to be re****s, this post up above is showing signs of that re****ed mentality.

Joe Calzaghe was never big on sparring and neither was Evander Holyfield.

In my opinion no fighter should be sparring all year round, on a weekly basis.

Note: I cannot be bother involving myself in this thread anymore, its already annoying me.
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