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Default Re: Why Guillermo Rigondeaux beats Nonito Donaire

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
That was my question

You're right in the sense that the first few rounds, which we both think will lack action, will test Nonito's patience and possibly draw him into leading with power shots and falling for Rigo's traps. But I don't see Rigo having success with the same counters over 12. Donaire will adjust, and start taking away his weapons. The southpaw jab is an interesting factor, should look back at Donaire's tactics against southpaws. Given his fast feet, his side-step left hook combination might catch Rigo. Garcia should find a way to neutralize that left uppercut to the body and straight up top. Rigo is better defensively with his footwork, but Nonito changes the angle more frequently, and I think that will confuse Rigo, who likes to make each punch count.
sounds like a question you would ask. I'm glad you did though.

and yeah I feel you on that. And I could see that hurting Rigo. Like somebody else mentioned. Donaire can't afford to make a lot of mistakes, but Rigo can't afford to make one.
And I've been looking for the Narvraez fight on youtube, but couldn't find it. I'll try to keep looking on google.

Originally Posted by BobTheBuilder View Post
What's Pacquiao and Marquez got to do with this?

Donaire is in his prime Pacquiao was not.

Marquez is a special fighter Rigondeaux is not
another one?
I didn't use Pac and Marquez's fight as an example. I'm using the punches they threw as an example and it was the best one I could find. A lot of pac****s got butthurt, so I switched it to Martinez and Macklin.
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