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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by highguard View Post
where to to begin,
they made ATG's who fought
other guys who trained excatlyy like them

Are you saying the ATG's were less good then, h?

so what is BS TO YOU. What's BS to me is anything other than what SRR 'n countless other greats did. Go to a hardcore gym with top notch veteran trainers. Ask them what they think. Betchya they'll confide they humor young fighters who believe that space age BS will make them better fighters; and they don't want opponents to have an edge"].

But no none of it means anything if you haven't learned your craft sparring and don't have the instinct to fight back, which can't be taught

If your not a physical fighter -- strickly a stick and move guy -- who won't brawl on the inside, like Gene Fullmer. Extra strength is like tits on bull.

not distrorying your knee caps by running on hard pavement?

I'd advise any fighter not to do roadwork on pavement. They'll pay a stiff price (no pun intended) later in life.

or the fact that doing weights and doing pull ups
will both have the same negative effects ie stiffness etc

Believe a certain amount of light weights and body weight exercises can be helpful.

Bottom line: no pseudoscience is The Holy Grail to being a better boxer...only looking more ripped in the mirror. A carved eight-pack won't protect a guy from a good shot to the liver.
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