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Default Re: Dempsey v Langford

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
St Paul Pioneer Press ? Hardly objective as a source , it was Gibbons home town.

You do know that Dempsey and Gibbons stood about in the ring for half an hour before Dougherty consented to enter the ring and referee I suppose?
Dougherty went on strike because his $5000 guarantee for refereeing was not forth coming in advance from Kearns ,so he refused to officiate he held out for half an hour whilst the two boxers waited in the ring.
Hardly conducive to doing Dempsey any favours I should have thought.

Dempsey worked Gibbons body for 3 rounds taking them, then shifted to the head but was outboxed for the 4th 5th & 6th rds. Dempsey went back to his body attack and controlled the rest of the fight.
Ringside Report from United News Staff Westbrook Pegler
"(Gibbons) was the first man to go the limit with Dempsey since Jack won the title. Dempsey was given the decision by Jimmu Daugherty of Philadelphia, his roommate and private referee who favored him in foul work all through the mauling. It was a disastrous afternoon for Dempsey, for he lost as much in prestige as Gibbons gained and that is a large measure."

"Gibbons was flung against the ropes... and his body went beneath and outside the top strand. He was ducking to get back into the find when Dempsey was upon him with a downward smash of his right to the neck... Daugherty ignored it. Dempsey struck Gibbons low several times in the middle rounds. Daugherty didn't see them. They were ordered to break clan and back away at the referee's command. Repeatedly on the breaks Dempsey would leap in with long smashes at the chin... Daugherty said nothing to Dempsey. Daugherty is always the first caller at Dempsey's room when the champion goes East. Daugherty was the only man Dempsey would have in his second fight with Miske. Daughtery was the man Dempsey insisted on as referee in Shelby."
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