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Default Re: Nonito donaire, a top 50 atg?

Originally Posted by anj View Post
I have a top 50 list

Arce is still a solid win. He was coming off a solid winning streaks, beating Vasquez Jr the year before. Not quite the Arce of early 2000's but still a solid win.

The point is, this resume is actually very likely within the next 3 years...and most likely! It's a stacked resume.

Well in terms of hand?! Darchinyan, Vasquez Jr, Narvaez only put on 2lbs that's not earth shattering, Montiel was a beast at Bantam, Sydorenko, Mthlane - their careers are still going from strength to strength and Donaire fought them at a weight class they were used to fighting in and very solid in them..
As for the others who are not in Donaire's current resume, you have got to be kidding me - Chris John dominant at Featherweight for over a decade...same with Salido, Daniel is doing well at featherweight - he arguably beat Broner and he lost to a simply better guy...Gamboa.
Man, i don't think Arce has been a good fighter for many years, he was a decent little fighter at light-fy and started looking less impressive by the time he'd moved up to Fly circa 2006.So what if he beatVasquez jr...he's dire.

Taken as of now, Donaire's record is nothing too special.His best wins are:

a past-prime Montiel who had got a good win over the flashy, but mostly untested hasegawa(best wins over an ancient Sahaprom)who proved to be chinny.even in his prime was an overhyped WBO champ that beat up on nobodies for the most part and usually struggled when he fought anyone decent.

Vic Darchinyan who was a nothing-special typical 90s-00s IBF lowerweight splinter champ, reliant on weightcutting and big punching, that got a bit of overhyping from certain aussies.He then has a career high ambushing Mijares who was getting seriously overrated at the time when on his own run as champ before he had done enough to really deserve it.Beats a by then rather ordinary Arce and soon returns to nothing special as he moves up again in weight and can no longer rely on being bigger.

Toshiaki Nishioka....a good fighter who was past his prime and slowing down, but still turning in some solid performances against the 2nd and third tier fighters.Gave a pathetic effort against Donaire.

Most of the others are nothing of note as fighters.Narvaez is a protected and limited fighter, so was Sydorenko when he was Bantam champ.he's no spring chicken either so i wouldn't say he's going from strength to strength after multiple recent losses.

you're going too far imo if you think this is a record full of worthy champs and very good fighters.It's pretty thin stuff after 2-3 fighters.Sure it will be impressive if he does what you suggest in the original post, for reasons i mentioned earlier, but make him a sudden lock for top 50 on record alone? Not even close.

It wouldn't imo be better than Mike McCallum's record for instance and he doesn't usually make a top 50, just to name one of many fighters with better names beaten that also have reasonable depth.

That said, i'm all for ranking fighters on where you feel their inherent ability lies and if you truly rate the guy really highly then put him where you feel his ability merits, it's your list.IF someone says he's too high you've just got to have your argument ready.
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