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Default Re: Why Guillermo Rigondeaux beats Nonito Donaire

I find it really sad that only 2 people are making intelligent and mature posts in this thread out of 6 pages.

I for one admire Rigondeaux's skills and amateur pedigree. He has really good eye coordination, counter and bodypunching skills along with power to boot. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Rigondeaux can sometimes be lackadasial/too patient while Donaire would occasionally fight down to his opponent's level. However, for me I think Donaire is a much different level of fighter compared to the other fighters that Rigondeaux has faced. He's had some off night performances but most of the time Donaire has performed well against better opponents and his last 2 fights showed that he can still fight very disciplined, which I see him doing against Rigondeaux. I think Donaire is skilled enough to find a way to open up Rigondeaux's tricky defense and be able to win the feinting game as well as beating him to the punch.
Overall I think Donaire is much more well rounded and has had more pro experience against top level fighters (that's not to discredit Rigondeaux) so I would expect him to be the victor. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be a tough competitive chess match.
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