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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by Burt Shoogar View Post
I think it's pretty obvious this little dip**** highguard has never boxed in his life. I highly doubt he has even sparred at all saying you don't need to run.

And anyone thats 240 who has boxed even as an amateur wouldn't be licking their lips fighting someone who is 140. They wouldn't be that **** weak to even fight someone that much smaller.

Still a ridiculous grudge fight like this between 2 novices has the potential to be quite humorous.

well if he wants to talk ****
who gives a **** how big he is

you talk ****, you get ko'd
who cares if your 110 pounds or 300

a man should watch his mouth

and tell why dont you think i boxed

because i think doing weights is good???
and i happen to disagree with the backward mentality of some boxing coaches

just to let you know
boxed for about 15 years on and off

4 years of brazilian jit-jitsu
and also have done a bit of wrestling, muay thai and systema

and yes i am an avid weightlifter
if you dont like that
then **** you too

like i said, i posted exactly where i train,
and i am down to spar with anyone
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