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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by john garfield View Post
I don't think you're an idiot who doesn't know boxing, hg. I just think all that pseudoscience doesn't make a boxer -- however shredded -- one bit better. From day one, he'll either wanna stick 'n move or mix-it-up. All the muscles in the world won't make him punch WITH an opponent, like Donaire.

He can either box 'n fight or he can't. He either takes a good shot to the chops or body, or he can't. SRR had it in his DNA.

i actually agree with you 100 PERCENT,
ofcourse, i knew a lot of super in shape guys
who sparred once, got a few shots and never came back

what i was saying this is
weight training helps a fighter,

but many people here get very inscure about this

and i also said that running can help a fighter
but it causes damage for the knees etc

and i backed it up with facts

now this has alot of people angry,

why i dont know

here is a little secret, i use to hate weight training up until
6-7 years ago and boxed and did some grappling as well

guess what a knee and shoulder injury later, i had a broken down body,

then i had 2 surgeries
and the sports doctor who did my shoulder
told me
forget the **** your boxing coach has been feeding you
about muscles etc

you got injuried because your muscles were to
weak for the work load you were giving them,
you were going to be injured sooner or later

and he told me to do weights for 1 year,
also told me to train with a bodybuilder he knew

and i thank him every day for this advice,

now i am back to boxing in completions
and doing grappling as a hobby
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