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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Real drama in Oklahoma this is the boxing biz:
Bobby Dobbs added a new photo: "One of the fights last night that was originally scheduled but was cancelled at the last minute was Richard Dawson vs Ryan Lopez. It was a rematch of a fight the pair had last year that ended when Dawson hit Lopez at the opening bell when Lopez tried to touch gloves. Replays showed the punch was a glancing blow, but Lopez acted as though he could not continue and the fight was ruled a TKO for Dawson. Lopez for months kept asking me for a rematch, begging for another chance at Dawson to prove himself. Even though I was very skeptical about his performance in the first fight, I finally agreed to give him a rematch and a few weeks ago, we set the fight for last night’s card. Ryan Lopez is a bounty hunter, he works for a bail bond company arresting fugitives and has access to criminal databases and it turns out that Richard Dawson had an outstanding warrant for an unpaid fine in Okmulgee. At the weigh-in, as soon as Dawson arrived, 4 police officers who were "anonymously" tipped off that a fugitive would be at the weigh-in were there waiting there to arrest Dawson and did so as soon as he entered the room. Ryan of course played dumb and acted like he had no idea what was going on. But, apparently this exact scene had happened once before at one of his MMA fights when the cops swooped in arrested one of his opponents at a different weigh in! It was clear to anyone who knew Ryan that he was the one who called got Dawson arrested and he did so to avoid having to fight him. It looked as though the fight was off! But there was a problem with Ryan's plan, Dawson's lawyer is also his boxing manager and worked almost all night to get Dawson released in time for the fight. Finally at about 5pm just hours before the commission deadline for Dawson to appear, he was released and was on his way to Remington Park. When I informed Ryan that Dawson had been released he seemed shocked. The only licensed fighter I was able to find to fill in on 12 hours’ notice was a 400lb MMA fighter named Dakota Beaver. Ryan was hoping he would get to face him instead of the now incredibly ****ed off Dawson! When the ringside Doctor performed the routine pre-fight physical on Lopez, Lopez began complaining that he had developed a headache and said he felt like it was a headache of such a serious variety that he would be unable to fight after all. So after lying of a few of his friends that the ringside doctor had ruled him ineligible due to high blood pressure, he quietly snuck out of Remington Park without saying a word to the promoter. So now poor Richard Dawson who thanks to Ryan Lopez had just spent the night in jail, was now without an opponent and had sold 40 tickets to friends and family who had driven from Okmulgee to see him. Meanwhile, Dakota Beaver, who was on hand at the show as an alternate and thinking that upon Dawson’s arrival was not going to be fighting had just sit down upstairs at a buffet dinner when I called him and told him to drop his food and come see the commission. These are the events that led to the farcical fight between Dakota Beaver and Richard Dawson last night. I hope that any promoter ever even considering using Ryan Lopez sees this and thinks twice!"
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