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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

This is a slightly off topic.

If I had to choose - great stamina or great strength - these days I'd choose stamina. Not just for boxing but life in general. Strength is a great asset and ideally you want both, but I find the ability to keep up a high work rate for longer is more beneficial.

Am I alone in this?

P.S. - when people say 'body weight' they basically mean training somewhere in the 15-25+ range. Not strictly accurate, as body weight exercises can be modified to increase strength in the 2-4 range, although progression is generally easier with weights and sometimes safer (many high end body weight exercises are plyometric; one legged squat jumps, for example; you should be naturally stocky to attempt these regularly, in my opinion, and with other, more extreme exercises such as one-arm pull ups, which can stress joints). Some body weight exercises are hard to replicate with weights, like the planche or muscle-up. From my own experience I think traning is best kept varied; an ideal routine will incorporate everything; high repetitions with kettle bells, hill sprints, swimming, bear complexes, low repetition compound lifting, calisthenics, cycling, plyometrics and more. With a particular sport in mind, it should be geared towards that, but you will find there are a lot of cross over benefits; a boxer may respond well to swimming, for example, where he may stimulate muscle areas usually under trained, and improve his balance.
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