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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by Manassa View Post
This is a slightly off topic.

If I had to choose - great stamina or great strength - these days I'd choose stamina. Not just for boxing but life in general. Strength is a great asset and ideally you want both, but I find the ability to keep up a high work rate for longer is more beneficial.

Am I alone in this?

P.S. - when people say 'body weight' they basically mean training somewhere in the 15-25+ range. Not strictly accurate, as body weight exercises can be modified to increase strength in the 2-4 range, although progression is generally easier with weights and sometimes safer (many high end body weight exercises are plyometric; one legged squat jumps, for example; you should be naturally stocky to attempt these regularly, in my opinion, and with other, more extreme exercises such as one-arm pull ups, which can stress joints). Some body weight exercises are hard to replicate with weights, like the planche or muscle-up. From my own experience I think traning is best kept varied; an ideal routine will incorporate everything; high repetitions with kettle bells, hill sprints, swimming, bear complexes, low repetition compound lifting, calisthenics, cycling, plyometrics and more. With a particular sport in mind, it should be geared towards that, but you will find there are a lot of cross over benefits; a boxer may respond well to swimming, for example, where he may stimulate muscle areas usually under trained, and improve his balance.
If a professional boxer doesn't say the same thing(stamina over strength) he's a damn idiot. Lack of strength is an easily navigated weakness, just requires stylistic tweaks. Lack of stamina means getting KTFO early time and time again. I had the advantage myself of being absolutely massive, and a massive puncher; I was hard to press, and I was dangerous to press. But so many times, at my biggest, I felt incredibly vulnerable to being overwhelmed if only the other guy just attacked me. I'd surrender 70 pounds of this muscle and whatever goes with it for Manny Pacquiao type endurance.

And your post script is totally accurate. Old timers said it was "keeping the body guessing". I don't know the science behind it, but great variety by far and away works best for every single fighter I've ever met, which is thousands.
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