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Default Re: how much will mundine and geale be earning for this?

Originally Posted by Sox View Post
C'mon Whipsy, Mandy doesn't know Aurthur from Marthur, let alone actually stand up for anything.

Everything he says in the media is to get attention, nothing more.
He barely has the intelligence to string a complete sentence together.

In all seriousness, Mandy is much more suited to pro wrestling, or a real circus. He'd make a good clown.

if you watch the vids of his beetson rant etc, its no act. he snapped. the vid earlier than that he snapped also. when geales manager suggested mundine was about to be retired. he didnt have time to think. HE REACTED.

he also made a passionate speach asking to be liked. 'why hate on me? im just me, raw...'. it went on for a minute or two then kent picked him up on his RL comment that he'd been hard done by. again he snapped. he lost it. he called geale, daley and beetson uncle toms.

he talked out of turn. he was passionate, scared, desperate. he is almost over the edge.

geale on the other hand couldnt be faulted. his eyes remained steady, as di his voice. there was a quiet confidence. he KNOWS he's going to win. there is no doubt. he BELIEVES he will ko mundine. he never said so, but he said; "im going to give everyone what they want..".

go to the beetson thread, look at the link to the article, go to the link and watch the vids. you can see who is under preasure. you can see who is REALLY confident. you can see who is genuine, and who is desperate, clutching at straws, and swinging wildly when questioned.

its over. just, you, wait, and, see.....
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