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Default Re: how much will mundine and geale be earning for this?

Originally Posted by whipsy View Post
I'm not gonna sit here and say that I agree with everything he says, because I don't.
Glad to hear that, I'd hope even his biggest fans wouldn't agree with some of the BS he delivers.
I do however believe in the fact that everyone has a right to free speech no matter how ignorant or stupid they may appear in the process.
Me too, but I also have no issue with those same loud mouthed people getting themselves into deep waters because of it.
You wanna play with fire, then accept the penalties.

Mandy is quick to say the dumbest things and then back pedal mighty fast when the heat is on him. It's very poor form IMO, particularly from someone in the spotlight who should be a role model for children.
It also doesn't effect my opinions on him as a boxer.
Fair enough, you're a good fan.
I can't say I'd stick by Daniel Geale if he started to swing that way, thankfully he won't
He does it all for reactions, and to stay in the media then all these guys come on foprums etc year after year and get worked up about what he has said... who are the supid ones?? Mundine for doing something repeatedly to get a reaction or the people who claim they hate him yet still give him all the attention he set out to achieve in the first place???

For me it definitley the later.
If people are only getting gee'd up on a forum, then Mandy isn't really achieving much is he?

When people take it further and lash out with violent attacks of racism or other such controversial stuff, then it becomes pretty senseless to 'be loud' for the sake of it.
Not being specific with anything, but you get my point.
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