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Default Re: Nonito donaire, a top 50 atg?

Originally Posted by anj View Post
You believe the whole era is virtually overrated lol
I don't think his current resume is good enough, but with the additional wins, he's a beast.

Mike McCallum is an ATG beast IMO, wins over:
James Toney 1 AND 2 (an old Mike who was made to lose a huge 10lbs for each fight.
Julian Jackson
Donald Curry
Ayub Kalule - who was at worst only marginally off prime, he beat Kalambay years later, Mike hadn't necessarily entered his prime either
Jeff Harding - LHW isn't even McCallum's prime weight!
Steve Collins
Michael Watson coming off a win against Nigel Benn
Kalambay - I don't know who 'really' won this as I didn't watch the fight
Milton McCroy

Him losing to Roy Jones at the very end of his career takes nothing away from his greatness, especially considering H2H Roy Jones is one of the very greatest of all time.

Losing to Fabrice is no biggie at 39 + well removed from Mike's prime weight.
I don't even count the Toney 3 loss.

All in all, I PERSONALLY believe he has a good shout for Top 50. What do you think? His resume is STACKED with elite names. I'm aware that the names on Donaire's resume isn't as great, but then nor is Mayweather's. I'm looking at it from a different angle.
This era is diluted. Anyone with a proper knowledge of the lower weights in the 60//70s will know how superior it is to those weights from the mid-80s onwards.

Nonito is a massive cutter.

Have you even seen Kalule Vs Kalambay?
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