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Default Re: ESB, do you feel bad for Haye fans?

As a FIGHT fan, it's tough for me to like David Haye.

I mean, all's he's done is chase the Klitschkos, then run like a scared dog with his tail between his legs when they turned towards him.

Even when he showed up to fight Wlad, he hid from him during the entire buildup, refusing to come within arms reach.
And in the ring......well, we all know how that went down.

But......but.....look at how well he does vs guys his size. In the DelBoy fight, you could clearly see how great a fighter David could be. Powerful slashing crosses and hooks. A pinpoint thudding jab. Ridiculous counter L hooks.

It's the f can you hate this guy. He's ****ing brilliant when he aint running. I myself began to dream about bouts with Chambers(would be a ****ing helluva fight), Potvetkin, Chagaev, and about a handful of others. Hell, I could see Haye laying Arreola DOWN. Not beating him into oblivion, but KHTFO.

But soon, so soon after, all my hopes were blown away as he went back into Klitschko chasing. Barking barking barking. Knowing damned well, that fight might never happen.
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