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Default Re: Nonito donaire, a top 50 atg?

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
**** off. Harada weighed in same day without super fly or super bantam division and beat far better fighters. Without corruption he'd be a genuine 3 weight World champ. How many can say that?

Just **** off.
I admit I don't know enough about Harada other than he was very beatable against great fighters and school me then if you really think he's top 30-35 material, I could change my mind...

Losses to great fighters such as Pone Kingpetch, Johnny Famechon (FH probably won the first fight, but lost in the second fight - I don't buy that Harada was past his prime etc. he just lost to the better fighter on the night, Famechon had his number. It was only a 10 year career and FH was 26. No harm in getting handled by the great Famechon), Lionel Rose.

Losses to no namers:
He got Ezparza'd in what seems to be a close fight against the no namer...can you explain that loss? I'd just give Harada the benefit of the doubt because it was early on in his career and turned into a monster. That is enough for me.

Fighting Harada was given 1. a competitive fight and 2. lost to Cotler.

1. Eder Jofre, nuff said. But then again, Benitez beat Duran but Duran is greater than Benitez.
2. Carballo was nothing special, he just beat a very past his prime Pascual Perez.
3. Antonio Herrera was quite good, still got the shorter end of the stick against beasts Sugar Ramos and Ismael Laguna..Ortiz disposes of these guys well.
4. Joe Medel is a huge win but he was very beatable. Nothing 'special' to warrant FH a great position in ATG rankings. Let's not forget Medel's TKO6 on Harada - Harada was getting toyed in that fight, glad it got stopped.
5. Alan Rudkin was a good win but this guy used to lose against the top opponents.
6. Ebihara - beastly win.

Harada didn't DOMINATE his opponents either. Jofre on the other hand has clear cut wins of them all. And Harada's style looks difficult for Jofre anyways.

- Don't argue why you think Harada is greater than someone like Donaire, argue why he's so high up in your rankings. It's not looking good for Harada

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