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Default Re: Nonito donaire, a top 50 atg?

Esparza is not a no namer!!! He was a good contender.

Have you seen the second Kingpetch fight? Very debatable that Harada lost that one.

Did Rudkin lose against the best? Robbed against Ben Ali and McGowan the first time. Ran Rose VERY close. Again, looks like you're doing all your ****ysis based off boxrec.

Watch Aoki give Jofre fits for the first round and tell me Harada beating the **** out of him wasn't the better showing. Oh, you haven't seen footage that rare and I've done my research and have, so you're **** out of luck there

So what if he went 1-1 against Famechon? Was Fammo not a quality champion and naturally bigger than Harada?

Yes Medel beat Harada. He was that sneaky. Probably the best win a Mexican has, arguably anyway. Of course Harada's Resolve to try and keep getting up means little to you. Was Medel that beatable? Or was he a road warrior that doesn't get the due he deserves when you do a quick scan over his record?

What about Caraballo? You've probably never heard of him. Dwight Hawkins? One of the hardest pure punchers of the lower weights. Never heard of him have you?

Of course Harada had a bad style for Jofre, if that helps you diminish the quality of the win.

I would say it's not looking good for you, especially if you wanna' go tit-for-tat with me on the midgets of boxing.
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