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Default Re: Nonito donaire, a top 50 atg?

I haven't dug up much on the Cotler loss but look how long Harada was a pro' for and how often he fought. He was known to take it easy or not bother sometimes, which he loses marks for of course.

Was Hernan Marquez, smaller and coming off a loss (against a nobody) really that good?

Was Wilfredo Vasquez Jr, with one good win over an over-hyped Sonsona, any good?

Did Nonito 'dominate' Mathebula?

Nonito struggled with an overweight Concepcion FFS! He also lost to a no namer (and actual no-namer) but I don't hold that against him.

Harada is so high because of his incredible achievements, IMO earning wins over the best over 3 weightclasses, with same day weigh in's and no super/junior weightclasses to **** around in. The two wins over Jofre are HUGE. It's like saying 'apart from beating Sonny Liston and George Foreman what did Muhammad Ali actually do'.

Again, how dominant was Guts Ishimatsu?
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