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Default Re: Nonito donaire, a top 50 atg?

No, not at all. But why are you making assumptions nonetheless?

And Harada was done at bantam after Rose. And what of it? Did Rose not have a good style for Harada? You made those allowances for Jofre. Why 'oh, dear'. Again you haven't seen the fight, read anything about it or whatnot so why do you even have an opinion?

Seems to be you made a statement initially you can't back up and now you're a bit lost. Best to concede, learn and move on as we all have had to a some stage.

Again, how was Guts Ishimatsu a 'dominant lightweight champion'? You still haven't explained that one. Rose beat Guts BTW. The same Rose that Rudkin
Could've arguably beaten but then again,'you haven't seen any of their fights nor do you know anything about the Aussie scorecard controversy.
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