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Default Re: Running/Skipping injury advise needed please.....

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
sounds like you got it all on track....when i jump rope at the gym i like to do it in the wrestling room on the mats, that are actually decently firm but of course have some give..its better than the ring that has too much give..but is easier on my 33 year old joints.
Im the same age as you, I have been pushing really hard so I think thats what the problem is.....because I skip on my toes I think my calf has locked up and I wasn't doing any stretches really so this affected my knees.

Concrete is a bad idea to skip on but the rope swings very true and as I skip outside in the rain etc when my ply wood got wet it altered the swing so thats why I switched back to the concrete.

I won't make that mistake again, not to mention Im no longer in my twenties so I need to take better care of myself - i.e stretch properly

Originally Posted by RDJ View Post
That could be a problem. My knees were bugging me until I switched to less shoe. If I skip on running shoes my knees and shins will hurt, on boxing shoes it's no problem. Running is the same, the more shoe the more problems.
my shins hurt when I skip regardless......but if I skip in my boxing boots my shins and everything else (legs, hips, ass) are on fire I think I need the extra level of support, so I don't think its my footwear.
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