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Default Re: "About 90% of boxers in this country in my opinion, lead unprofessional lifestyle

Originally Posted by atberry View Post
You aren't risking injury using machines, because it's a natural curve of motion, and you aren't risking injury using 10 reps instead of 1 rep, because the weight is lighter (not that you can't add 10lbs a fortnight using 10 reps and still have a stronger 1RM, you can.)
Of course you can get injured using machines, silly. Machines = Restriction. Do a seated shoulder press with dumbells and then do it on a machine and tell me which is the "natural curve of motion"!

What? Are you for real? Lets say that you do 3 sets of 10 reps, and on set 2 at the 7th rep you start to feel the pain... That won't get any easier on set 3 will it?

10 reps using ANY weight is hypertrophy range, end of. Hypertrophy is what BODYBUILDERS go for.
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