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Default Re: Why were many old time boxers so scrawny looking

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
I think it is good to have a core set of things you do more or less all the time...for me it would be shadow boxing, jump rope (I think jump rope is really keeps you on your toes..literally). heavybag, double end bag, Mitt work, sparring, push ups, sit ups, and six inches. I do other things, but they very..sometimes medicine ball throws, sometimes static strength training, sometimes weight, which is usually lower reps but on occasion high reps. I do run, but the kind of running i do varies, and I sometimes skip running to give my joints a break and do things like stepper machines and elliptical (which i dont like nearly as much as running, workout wise). And sometimes really mixing it up is a damn good thing (going on a all day hike, swimming all day, doing a strong man type circut, things like that). Also I try to watch out for overtraining in case my training is over when I am doing boxing training 3 days a week, and mma training (which is usually more grappling related) I tend to back off any weight lifting..just because that wrestling gives you allot of heavy resistance type training and i dont want to over train.
Add pull-ups to that and you have my core workout. It's important to keep boxing at the forefront of your boxing. You are training to feel better in a fight, with punches flying; If you aren't punching and/or getting punched at, nothing will be good enough. Beyond that, lungs and heart and legs are what you need to last in a fight. Everything else if useful window dressing.

Skipping road work for swimming and stuff is starting to become fashionable, and it can work. Juan Diaz, a recent fighter with an unbelievable gas tank(Possibly the best work horse fighter of the past 10 years), did swimming and some stairs and rope, and that was pretty much it, and he had the best gas tank in the sport.
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